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Production automation
Our expert professionals at Axicont Kft. possess a versatile industrial experience portfolio in production automation. Our experienced team provides a solution to any mechanical or control engineering requirement of our partners. Where does...
Unique manufacturing cells
Every manufacturing process and plan represents unique technical problems. We find the right solution in cooperation with our partners, with the help of flexible planning and continuous communication. We have deployed more than 100 robots...
Robot programming
Programming is one of the key elements of automation. Axicont Kft. has been delivering robots and production cells to a vast range of industrial sectors. With over a decade of experience in the field of industrial automation, our robot programming...
System integration and migration
Connection and organisation of various hardware and control engineering tools (PLC, HMI, robot) and systems into a new unified functioning station or cooperating system which results in providing the original functionality in the form of a higher...
Planning and deployment of SCADA systems
SCADA is a reliable, flexible and high-performance production monitoring software package offering virtually unlimited possibilities of processing any data or information. The requirements emerging in the period following installation can be...
Engineering consultancy and professional training
A solution to your custom requirement is sought using mutual dialogue based planning. Possibilities and steps of consultancy: Assistance in selecting the appropriate robot. Feasibility study preparation for the requested task. Cycle...
Camera controlled process and final control
One of the most significant parts of automation is quality control itself. As a consequence of the higher market expectations and increased competition, quality requirements concerning the products to manufacture have also increased. In many...
Sale of Mitsubishi Electric products
The alliance of Japanese and Hungarian creativity. AxiCont Kft. sells industrial automation products by Mitsubishi Electric participating upon request in their application, programming and assembly. Excellent quality Mitsubishi products offering...
Our training courses
We provide training courses built on our own professional experience.  Following familiarisation with the robot, the programmes (may be Your own on request) are interpreted and developed further. The serious engineering work is accompanied...

We believe that intelligent industrial automation is only possible with the help of innovative unique solutions.
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New Mitsubishi Robot, RV-2FL

The developments at Mitsubishi Electric have turned to fruit; their range of robots has been successfully expanded with a 6-axis model having a longer arm with a full load capacity of 3 kg. The arm of the RV-2FL model in the category of vertical...